Terra Wars time!

Discussion in 'General' started by Moebius, Jul 3, 2019.

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    Feb 15, 2016
    Since we get more and more things about Terra Wars, I think, those who sing in, as beta testers could say something.

    Or anyone who already play game :)
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    Feb 1, 2015
    We talked a bit about it in the Discord Server, is definitively not "trash" as someone might think, but is not even as popular and fresh as TB was.
    I've played the last Beta, so I'll just share my experience without mentioning anything of specific I've heard about the stable version (besides that PvP sometimes returns an error that prevents your fight to be registered correctly, and players have free pulls every day like in the beta).

    The game is only in JP, and during the last Beta I must say I didn't encounter many errors, it was definitively more stable than TB2.
    The game sends you notifications from time to time, you have daily login and timed (every 8 hours or so?) prizes. The first screen you see when logging in is one with a big "PvP" button, so we can say is really important for the game, but as you saw in the trailer it has a Story mode as well, with the great art we're all familiar with.

    Characters still have a "class" (B, A, S, SS, Z... and maybe a non-pullable ZZ class?), but the difference is that pulling 10 times a B class allows that character to rank up to the A class. 10 dupes for A ranks it to the S class if I remember correctly, then you need 50 for the S. "Gold" characters aren't as rare as they were in TB, I'd say the rarity has a different meaning in this game.

    I had a good time with it for a couple of hours or so, after that I got bored and played only to collect logins, you know, out of habit. Is not a bad game, but I don't have fun with it, and not having a community interested in the game just gives me less reasons to invest my time in another mobile game. I'll be happy to join you all if more people would play it.

    About the "JP-only" thing: I've played several games in JP when I was around 10-13yo and I can tell you that the language is definitively not a problem. You obviously can't understand everything, but as the time passes you'll learn to recognize the most important kanji ("this one means Phys ATK", "I've seen this every time the character talks, it must be their name", ...), but even a child could enjoy a game without knowing how to read, so in case you're worried about it just don't and play it ;)

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