The 850th Day

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    Mar 19, 2016
    850th connection day. Second day of my exams.
    I wake up with 7 more energies (5 from 850 and 2 because login streak). Check news : Otomos exp event and CoH. All is well.

    I’m going on Discord to look some private message send by firend from other servers, we discuss about some event etc.

    Time to go for my Exams. I take my cookies box (with cookies lol), my external bettery. And I sit down in my bus. I open TB1 and… I resume my forest. Dahlia isn’t Shay (Haha) anymore and gain some sweet SB.

    Exams are finished. Oral was a bit dfficult and I messed up some questions. I decide to return home and WORK HARD on my Kanji (Japanese Alphabet). I work until 1PM and then I decide to eat.


    Iskar is 15L away from being out. It’s my 850th connection day. It was a sign. No other possibilities. It has to be TODAY. Yes… my friend… today is a great day for TB1. Same level as Sean who pulled Mizell some days ago. IT’S THE APOCALYPSE BECAUSE TODAY. I CLEARED SILVER.

    Rya, be proud. Your son has grown :’D

    (If you don't wanna read my story you can stop here)

    Because It’s an ‘important’ day I want to come back on my odyssey called Terra Battle 1

    - 3 years from here, A friend introduce me to TB, characters were amazing etc. So I decided to play. Casual. Some month passed and I was taking some break etc. I pulled some good characters sure as Lewto, Piz’fer, Suoh, Sheena, Gatz.

    - BIG UPDATE : Z class is introduced, some recode and the first natural Z : Invicible. I keep playing but a bit annoyed to not have acces to that shiny new Z.

    - SECOND BIG UPDATE OF THE DEAD : Dragons, Shin’en & Mutoh, Sayu, Mogha, Peyrna, Schweiz etc. are introduced. I tried first dragon and he beat my ass. Like when your try SK with Lv. 50 Dahlia & Feno with 0 %. I tried to pull, Harold said ‘Hello wanna be my frie...’ I shut down TB, and didn’t open it for months.

    - Last Year : Battle Champs arrived, I came back. I succesed to recode some units, and to get Nia + her recode. Still no Bahl in my account. It hurts.

    - Vengeful Heart : Best event so far. Clara^ is amazing and I decided to give all my might to get her it was done. My birthday and christmas were here, I asked my father to offer me Energies in Terra Battle (First time I spent on a mobage). I do a 10x roll no Senala (As expected of a Silver Road). I was like NO IT’S IMPOSSIBLE (Btw I was an asshole because I got Gegonago) so I decided to buy 1x energies to complete my 4. And press on that YOLO we all know. I close my eyes Song for new characters played I open my eyes : SENALA was here. I was fucking happy.
    After all my efforts, all y time played. It was impossible for me to recode her. LIKE IMPOSSSIBLE! (And I still didn’t had Bahl)

    - ??? : It rained a lot I was n my bed crying and suffering. And then I decided to do a single roll. All for all. Bahl appeared. I recoded her in less than 24hours. It was the start of my ascension.

    - August 2017 : I decided to register on TBF after all that months of visiting as anon guy and take my hand. Finally writing on Taigachat : « Someone want to do co-op. It’s for FCB » Because well I’m a nob and didn’t have done my FCB in 3 years of playing. We started to speak, you gave me some advise. I cleared Arachnobots and VH (by getting Ella)
    I finally succed to recode Senala some months after (September or October). And started Lbing in forest.

    - I’m here now with ALL dragons dead, Shin’en recruited, Silver done, most of event done. My only challenge remaining is Mutoh & Sun King (+ TLS because I wasn’t able to finish it)

    TB1 is a unique and nice game. Characters design are beautifull. Story is… welp I didn’t read stories.
    So finishing that game isn’t a myth anymore !!!



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    Apr 23, 2016
    Awesome story of your life dude. Full of pain and after some really hard work you started a new chapter. Keep on going bro. Hehehe.
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    Jan 2, 2015

    I really enjoyed reading your post, seeing all the way that you gone before getting here xDDDDDDDDDD Im a little dissappointed you didnt write down what we could call the "Bahl Incident" and what you got from your pulls xDDDDDDDD

    ALSO Im a little confused why you took SO long to join us xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Congratulations on finishing Silver Road + 850 Login day (Do you know you actually have more login days than me? XD this is bc when im not playing I keep forgetting to log xDDDDDDD)

    Im still amused you pulled with a 90% Luck Amazora^ hahaha but im very glad you got Peyrna instead, i think being the knight of the forest have gave you part of the spirit of the forest luck xD
    And yes, Im very proud of you mi little padawah, now that you have finished Silver Road you can take it more calmly when doing your LB, I would suggest you to finish Rainbow characters before you pull more times, just to be sure you dont get any rainbow dupes :3

    Also I agree with you that TB1 is an unique game and I hope you stay to enjoy TB1 and TB future games and write new stories with us

    They grow so fast :_)
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