To recode or not to recode... that is the question

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Recode a sub-par adventurer?

  1. Yes, of course!

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  2. Yes, but only if the original is on low sb%

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  3. No, because i like keeping my temporals and 8-bits/kinos

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  4. No, never! I pull their recoded form from PoT anyways.

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  1. Moskentraumen

    Moskentraumen Active Member

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    Feb 16, 2016
    Is it worth recoding sub-par adventurers like Burbaba, Raprow, Daiana, Amerpact, et cetera in terms of skillboost, luck and occasional usage?

    You might say, that may depend on goals and situations. So far, i am still away from golden road, which would always net me a constant, safe +10%sb per dupe. I have 40 temporals in stock which keep coming with regular trading post tradings. I avoided sbing those recodeable A/B's so far, so it would be a win of 40%sb each recode for the roaster along with some negligible luck. I would never recode a 100%sb A/B, esp. not the painful ones like Opari, Zan or even Grace. Seriously no way in hell!

    But would you recommend me recoding Amerpact, Daiana, Raprow, Burbaba, Shberdan (all their skillboost's < 50%)? Or better sb them to 100%sb and reach golden road asap? Amerpact^ and Daiana^ have their purposes and Raprow^/Burbaba^ are probably as hard to sb%farm as their originals.
  2. yka

    yka Member

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    Jun 14, 2016
    I'm at your same situation: I'm only recoding those who their recoded version would be useful, like Bahl, S'naip, Amerpact, Daiana... but before recoding I SB them to at least 60% so their recoded version has 100%SB and it's out of the PoT. Raprow, Burbarba, Kem,..., as they have no use to me either version, I just SB them to 100%.

    Also, if you have so many temporal helix, you might want to save it for future recodes or rerecoding characters to max their luck!
  3. Ael

    Ael Active Member

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    Dec 17, 2014
    I'm in the golden road, no way to have again some A/B characters in the PoT
  4. BambY

    BambY Active Member

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    Dec 16, 2014
    My advice is to go to [gold then] rainbow road ASAP...
    But only if you are really SBing, not if it could takes months/years ...

    And then you can safely recode anything you want.
    I have PoT closed, but I still recode A-B characters :
    I get a new Z (last time was senala)....
    then I recode a gold one (last time was Pizfer)....
    then I pull a new S/SS (with increased odd, so I dont get Piz) last time was Grace^
    Then I recode a new A/B (last time was Snaip) ..
    And then I SB this little team of 4 (Senala, PizFer, Grace^ and Snaip).

    I will redo something like that on next new units, LBing a A/B recode without being afraid of getting a silver open in PoT.
  5. Guaparrón

    Guaparrón Active Member

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    Jun 27, 2016
    There are some considerations you may take into account, like SB of the B-A unit, Luck and mostly your needs.

    Although A'merpact Λ and Daiana Λ have the highest ice and fire damage on pincer (respectively), you may not need them if you already have Piz'fer Λ and Leviathan Λ or Lewto Λ and Bahamut Λ.

    I didn't recode my 100% SB S'naip because it was at 100% SB, I'll wait until I draw him from PoT.
    On the other hand I recoded my 70% Bahl because Bahl Λ is the best physical DPS in the game and she was far from being maxed. I'm even re-recoding her as soon as I can and I'd do the same with S'naip if one of the monsters for his recode wasn't a 8-bit.

    You can only get Palpa Λ through recode, but if you already have 2 physical tappers and your Palpa is at 100% SB, I'd say don't recode her.
  6. turbster

    turbster New Member

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    Aug 22, 2015
    I think the "Yes, but only if the original is on low sb% " option should be "Yes if < 100% SB". To recode 10% SB chars seems non-sensical.
  7. mudamuda

    mudamuda Active Member

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    Aug 25, 2016
    If recoding the subpar character results in 100% SB(or very close) recode then recode them to get them out of the pot so that when you have guaranteed 2/10 guranteed S+ pacts you don't have to worry about pulling a recode you won't use and don't want. Same reason why it's a good idea to SB those S+ you have even if you won't use them(if I weren't so lazy I would do this).

    This is assuming you don't SB regularly your A/B to get onto golden road and rely on pulling during the 2/10 guaranteed S+ to get your rare adventurers.
  8. cjguitarman

    cjguitarman Active Member

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    May 2, 2015
    For me the primary consideration is Luck. Secondary considerations are SB and how "expensive" the recode is in terms of materials. Temporal Helices are much more stamina expensive than Deepwater or Mantle Helices. 8-Bit/Kino monsters are much more stamina expensive than PoF monsters.

    I almost completed SB on all silver characters but I decided to recode Bahl and Snaip until they reached 100L. Both were already 100% SB and are expensive" recodes (Bahl needs Temporals, Snaip needs Temporals and 8-Bit Golem^). This delayed reaching the golden land, but I think it was worth recoding to 100L because they are two of the strongest physical characters in the game and they make my 100L teams much stronger.

    I chose not to recode Daiana, even though she was <60% SB and I do not have Lewto. Both her base version and her lambda are easy to SB. Daiana requires a Kino and Temporals, and I do not think re-recoding her to 100L is worth the cost. The primary use of 100L Daiana would be to farm Levi fangs. When I eventually need to do that, I will hopefully have Lewto and can re-recode him to 100L because he uses more common materials and monsters.
  9. LegendaryFrog

    LegendaryFrog Well-Known Member

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    Nov 5, 2015
    I think the answer depends on whether or not you SB farm. If you're on the golden road there's no reason to recode any A/B... even the trinity. Chances are you have a strong line up of Zs or are looking for those 1-3 Zs that like Sayu, Peyrna and Schweiz and putting even a single silver card back into the pool can set you back.

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