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Discussion in 'Rants & Accomplishments' started by Danzig, Jul 28, 2017.

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    Jul 4, 2017
    Okay, so when I first got TERRA BATTLE like every one else I explored all through the menu. Eventually my eyes where brought towards the TRADING POST section of the TAVERN screen, now in my mind I'm thinking "Oh nice I get to trade with other TB fans great ( Example : 1 energy for a companion ) but no that wasn't the case, and while I wasn't upset about it I wasn't too pleased with it either. Because ( it wasn't what I expected obviously ) if something says TRAGING POST you don't usually think of shopping for stuff, no you mostly think about trading, giving this for that. However that wasn't the main reason why I was upset, I was upset because for example let's say your trying to get a super (not) rare WISDOM FLOWER but it takes forever so you could go to the TRADING POST and see what other players are charging for one and then you get one of them according to your opinion on a good price, and if players charge way too much you scroll past it. Well anyways my little rant is over now have a god day (or night) :greet::greet:
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    Nov 5, 2015
    You're trading Animata for items, not buying them with coins. Whereas the TP isn't nearly as amazing as it used to be, it's still very valuable.

    An Auction House type of feature might work, but with how items drop I don't think it'll be very valuable. The only think people would want to buy is rare drops and between the TP, Double Drop Days, TH and Luck it doesn't take that long to get the items you need. On top of that coins are basically worthless to anyone that would be selling such items. It would be great if you could sell companions, but I doubt anyone would farm an RR because they're low on coins... if MW even lets companions on the AH.
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    Sep 22, 2015
    Players trading is highly abusable, anyway. One guy can make like a thousand alts, then have each pull from CoT. Then trade something like Hiso God with Dark Blade on the main account.
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