What should i recode ?

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which one its most worthy

  1. Jaguna Λ

  2. Gigojago Λ

  3. Djugan Λ (this one is pretty good but i already got Clara Λ , Ra´prow Λ and Odin Λ)

  4. Burubaba Λ

  5. Suoh Λ

  6. Nakupí Λ

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  1. Ivalvo AA

    Ivalvo AA New Member

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    May 6, 2018
    Hey guys , i'm about to recode Bahamut and I dont know how must be the next one.
  2. DEaK67

    DEaK67 Member

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    Mar 26, 2017
    Jaguna^ is like Suoh a really good character for your 1st 100L team(if you already have a 100L team not as important) easy to get base again.
    Djugan^ is really good but probably not needed atm esp if u have 3 good spear units (unless u wana run the last ult5 hardmode)
    .....Gigojago^ (uhh read that as gego when i cast my vote rip) he has impare all which is nice if you dont have that yet hes odd as hes a ice unit that turns physical (havent really looked at him so not sure how good he is)
    Burubaba ^ is crap
    Suoh^ is really nice hes a easy 100luck sb unit easy to max base again (suoh^ is really strong in physical teams since his 1.2 dmg boost / side by side 20%dmg boost) along with power point amp and side by side skill up by 30%
    Nakupi^ is odd tbh never looked him up and he seems really shitty (does the ice/fire mage in party damage double if theres 2 or it capped at just 1, if its 1 hes a really useless unit)

    If you dont have a full 100 luck team work on Jaguna^ and Suoh^ for now if you do have a 100L team get Suoh^ 1st as hes really good skip Jag for now and get Djugan willl make any spear team you run alot more deadly esp vs swords
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  3. Tempoltone

    Tempoltone Member

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    Jan 23, 2015
    Jaguna^ is you only 100L healer
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  4. TrueShadow

    TrueShadow Well-Known Member

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    Sep 22, 2015
    Have you finished both Coin pacts? Finishing them will give you a hefty bonus of SB and Luck when recoding, so try to work on that first if you haven't.

    Anyway, for your question, Jaguna and Suoh are "free" characters, so no reason not to recode them, really, as they're easy to get. Jaguna is okay, but decent enough. Suoh is one of the strongest physical damage dealer in the game.

    Burbaba and Nakupi are crap even when recoded. Don't recode them unless you want them for collection.

    Both Djugan and Gigojago are really good when recoded. You have plenty of strong Spear units, and Djugan can increase their damage even more! Not to mention he himself is a strong damage dealer, too.

    Gigojago's Dizzy Arrows is awesome. It's unlocked early, can finish off weaker mobs, and deal tons of damage to bosses when it's alone. He also have Impair taps to boost your damage, and is especially good when paired with Augment taps.
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  5. BeJimmiespeks

    BeJimmiespeks New Member

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    Aug 20, 2019
    This will be my first time attending a free comic book day, however I have gotten one comic months after the event last year. Blackest Night #0.

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