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Discussion in 'General' started by DEaK67, May 17, 2017.

  1. DEaK67

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    Mar 26, 2017
    I've been playing for quite a while now, just wondering what it looks like compared to someone else's.
    Metal Ticket x 170
    Fellowship Ticket x 30
    Companion Ticket x 3
    EXP Boost x 350 (didnt realize they let you go above 2 PDZ xp cap)
    Coin Boost x 120
    Time Extension x 73
    Disarmer x 40
    Animata Egg x 77831
    Animata Claw x 70038
    Animata Eye x 56135
    Animata Hair x 23403
    Animata Breath x 17056
    Animata Bone x 88943
    Animata Tail x 28578
    Animata Mustache x 19656
    Serenity Shoot x 263
    Wisdom Flower x 10 -_-
    Benevolent Fang x 705
    Tail of Insight x 477
    Claw of Fate x 566
    Pelt of Knowledge x 621
    Forlorn Stone x 714
    Shell of Madness x 370
    Whisp of Jealousy x 287
    Cipher Cell x 238
    Mangled Horn x 404
    Sentienal Flame x 387
    Lustrous Tail x 225
    Ignorant Flea x 206
    Tranquil Clock x 79
    Tome of Enlightenment x 67
    Terra Swordsteel x 765
    Terra Spearbronze x 588
    Terra Bowstring x 332
    Terra Staffwood x 407
    Fire Ring x 284
    Ice Ring x 369
    Lightning Ring x 655
    Dark Ring x 653
    Photon Ring x 407
    Graviton Ring x 504
    White Ring x 478
    Green Ring x 287 =)
    Spirit Tears x 89
    Moon Tears x 67
    Rainbow Tears x 84
    Sea Tears x 22
    Spirit Particle x 35
    Lore Particle x 52
    Wish Particle x 12
    Warped Particle x 22
    Orichalcum x 79
    Dark Matter x 88
    Animaton x 46
    Oxsecium x 187
    Dark Star x 487
    Evanescent star x 444
    Shooting star x 432
    Binary star x 403
    Gungnir x 38
    Apollo x 8
    Gyros x 6
    Flame of Indra x 3
    Vajra x 4
    Heartwood Sword x 22
    Heartwood Pendant x 1
    Deepwater Helix x 75
    Mantle Helix x 50
    Temporal Helix x 58
    Flawless Helix x 145
    Black Hole x 26
    White Hole x 36
    Wormhole x 20
    Ether x 12
    Elixier x 16
    Terra Fragment x 1
    Cobalt Goblet x 22
    Trident x 16
    Amethyst Flame x 18
    Rune x 12
    Blackbird Wing x 9
    Crust Loop x 33
    Core Loop x 1
    Lantern x 23
    Compass x 1
    Ancient Map x 25
    Key of Hearts x 280
    Key of Diamonds x 170
    Slippery Sand x 230
    Conceptual Canvas x 247
    Pig Snout x 25
    Bahamut`s Fang x 3
    Leviathan`s Fang x 34
    Odin`s Fang x 26
    Magic Flute x 1
    Necklace x 1
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  2. Terra-Em

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    Oct 20, 2014
    I'm a 900 day tb vet and no where near that lol
    I did quit for about 9 months though
  3. Caliban

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    Jan 13, 2017
    Is there a way to copy and paste the whole thing in?? I don't want to sit here and type it all out. What stands out on my list is ~20,000 Serenity Shoots from SB farming in 2-1.

    Surprised you have so many animata items, I usually just dump whatever I have left over into metal minions on Thursdays before they change the TP inventory.
  4. DEaK67

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    Mar 26, 2017
    aside from putting ur game on a huge screen ss it and posting i dont think so, im over 10M coins and dont ever need money again, so no point buying Minions to sell, and ive always got about 150 MM^ just sitting there, when it falls below ill buy more but usually i just dont bother
  5. Caliban

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    Jan 13, 2017
    Yeah I have nearly 30M coins from farming Shinen for CTs before the nerf :(

    Hope they come up with something new to do with money
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  6. LegendaryFrog

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    Nov 5, 2015
    I'm not typing out my full list... too many items.

    The standouts in my inventory are:
    Metal Ticket x254
    Terra Bowstring x3816
    Spirit Tears x164
    Moon Tears x278
    Rainbow Tears x162
    Sea Tears x130
    Dark Matter x159
    Animaton x136
    Oxsecium x182
    Heartwood Sword x123
    Terra Fragment x13 (can never be too sure!)
    Pig Snout x18​
  7. Todd

    Todd Well-Known Member

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    Oct 18, 2014
    My standout is having zero fire rings, somehow I used 'em all up
  8. yeezus

    yeezus Active Member

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    Jul 23, 2015
    Probably from re-jobbing and re-recoding Bahamut.
  9. BlackSama

    BlackSama Active Member

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    Dec 17, 2014
    1125 Metal Ticket
    8842 Serenity Shoot
    10302 Claw of Fate
    11384 Forlon Stone
    12574 Terra Spear Bronze
    10053 Lighting Ring
    9941 Photon Ring
    10327 Dark Star...
    A sad reminder that I played this game too much, also I only log for the daily now. Based on the weekly challenge ranks I get for not even trying that anymore, his game is barely played for a few thousand people, the end is nigh.

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