Why does not item / monster drop? Consolidated R&A Thread

Discussion in 'Rants & Accomplishments' started by Kivanc, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. I_Like_Dirt

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    Nov 19, 2014
    If it makes you feel any better, I've had about a 70% drop rate for axions but have gotten a few sands in my last runs to get my ratio to 58 canvas to 24 sand. At one point it was 58/18. I've given up on sands until I take down rdk. At least my first holy dragon will be z immediately.
  2. CharlesBad

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    Aug 3, 2015

    I wanted to give (another billion) try for Pig Snout, or Temporal Helix during double drop day, with my only 1 TH, and, why does it never drop? Haha
    I started to think you need to Coop, but then I read somewhere that drop chances are lowered during Coop? Since when?
    (You may have talked about this already, sorry!)
  3. Anubarak

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    Apr 9, 2016
    This is only for Quickmatches and not for coop in general, I made the same mistake^^"

    I farmed 5 Snouts in 5 days and was totally fine with it even without DD. Then I started to farm Wormholes for 2 f*cking days and spend my entire stamina for them and got... nothing.
    MW really wants to troll me. I get more items with a lower drop chance with higher stamina cost and not a single with higher drop chance and lower stamina cost.
  4. Ryden

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    Apr 10, 2016
    I'm experiencing pretty mich the same right now, had about 19 runs (my rates in brackets), and the last 4 were canvas drops exclusively.
    26 Sand (33%)
    53 Canvas (67%)
    and 13 Otomos that dropped (68%)

    Nice one, RNGesus. I just wanted that Axion Z, now I'm getting my first Holy directly to a Z. GG.

    /update September 21:

    As I finally got my first 50 Sands after 31 runs and done with PDK:
    51 sand (40%)
    77 Canvas (60%)
    21 Otomos dropped (67%)

    I'm afraid ofn the HD Drops :nailbiting:

    /Update February 12:

    I'm finally done with RDK!
    Until I reached 6 HDs, I farmed enough Canvas and Sand to have 60 and 55 on stock and have already evolved 2 HDZs and ADZs (so 155 Sand and 160 Canvas total). RDK alone netted me 78 Canvas and 109 Sand, so the rate has been reversed compared to PDK. In total, I ran RDK about 48 times to collect the 5 additional dragons (9.4% drop rate).

    Now, I'm moving onto IDZ. Since I haven't rerecoded any of BLO to 100 Luck and my Shinen is at 26 Luck, i'll probably try it out with a <80 Luck Team. Wish me luck.
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