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    Aug 8, 2017

    I edit this post with necessary information whenever I ask for help.

    [Current Progress - Latest Cleared Chapter] Chapter 30-07

    [Confirmed Recode List]

    Bahl 70/80/81 - Skullsplitter (30)
    Zerro 71/70/78 - Bewitching Bow (30) (All materials ready for recode.)
    70/70/73 - King Orbling (80) (will swap for Hourglass)

    [Notable Characters - Potential Recodes]

    A'merpact 72/70/82 - Bewitching Bow (30)
    A'misandra 59/63/63 - Golem's Fan (30) (will swap for Hourglass)
    Czekras 61/63/63 - Pete (40)
    Grace 63/60/74 - Grace OIII
    Ma'curi 56/23/21 -
    Palpa 70/70/73 - Abyss Rod (30) (will swap for Healing Rod)

    [Z Characters]

    Seiryu Λ
    70 - (no companion yet) (maybe I should give him KO)

    - PoFoF: 38%
    - PoF: 38%
    - PoFoT: 1%
    - PoT: 3%

    - Chaos III
    - Artemis II
    - King Orbling II
    - Valkyrie I

    - PvE, challenges
    - mixed team, with a bit of everything
    - flexibilty, so I don't need to swap the entire roster for each challenge

    - Sword/Spear/Bow character, preference tanky and/or hybrid. (Koko?)
    - Elemental mages with wider AoE than A'merpact.
    - Utility, supportive character like but better than Palpa.

    [To do list (in order of importance)]
    - To not spend energy until pact completion or 10 pull event.
    - Level up my recode list jobs to 80/80/80
    - Complete chapter 34.
    - Complete recode requirements for Bahl (3 Helices, 1 Black Hole, Snaptrap lv50).
    - Grind coins to complete pacts. (on hold)

    Any help is welcome.

    Thank you very much!
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    Jan 2, 2015
    - Characters to keep and to recode?

    With what you currently have a good team would be:

    Bahl Grace Amina/Amisandra Zerro Palpa Amerpact

    For the companions, get a few Skullsplitters (Grace^ and Bahl^) and Bewitching Bows (Amerpact^ /Zerro^)
    You can use the Hourglass on Amina^/Amisandra^ (pick one of the 2, probably Amina^ would be better for a new player because she has CT+2).

    For Palpa^ you can use a Healing Rod or any of the magical companions you have so far.

    - New characters in PoT? (And how many?)

    Your account is fairly new so there are a lot of characters in PoT that would help you to improve your account. A good idea would be to save energy until you get at least 50, then wait for an 10x pull event that will reward you with guaranteed powerful golden or rainbow characters. After you get something new you can post it here so we could give you advice if there is something you want to change in your team.

    A good way to get a lot of energy is by getting all your First Contact Bonus by cooping with 20 different people. You can do this easily on chat. To do this people usually like to host the stage 2-1 since it cost 1 stamina and is fast and will allow you to get the bonus without a big risk of disconnecting.

    Another way to get a lot of energy is by completing your Referral Codes

    - Companions to keep and to evolve?

    Keep all the S or higher class companions. As a general rule keep any companion that is only available from the pact "Companions of Truth". These are your Hourglass (very useful) and Pete (not as useful but keep it anyway). You can check which Companions are Available from which pact by writing their names in the Wiki

    Keep the Skullsplitter. It gives a +10% stackable buff to physical attack. Try to farm its previous form Stalwart Sword in the chapters of the story listed in the link (click on the name) and evolve it to Skullsplitter aswell. At the moment you want at least 2 of these (for Bahl^/Grace^) but ideally you would get 4 (or 6) for future teams.

    Buy the 3 Killer Bow in the Trading Post this week and evolve at least 2 of them to Bewitching Bow. Those are the equivalent to the Skullsplitters for magical characters. They give a +10% stackable buff to magical attack. Are good companions to equip in Zerro^ and Amerpact^.

    These companions are really easy to get and are very useful for both mid and end-game until you are able to get something better.

    - Trading Post offers that I should save currency to buy?

    This week for your account I would recomend to get:

    - The 3 Killer Bows
    - 20 Fellowship Tickets.
    - Temporal Helix
    - Any tears/particles/ores you need to level your characters (unless is easier for you to farm them in the hunting zones)

    All those things are farmables in stages so if you can get everything dont stress over it, try to get at least the 3 Killer bows, the tickets and the Temporal Helix

    Optional: Luminous Shield. Isnt very useful so you can skip it. Same for Hakkan O and Dahlia O since you dont have the characters and would be very rare you pull them.

    - Extra information: some things you can do after leveling/recoding your characters and finishing the story:

    -After you have finished the story and you have leveled and recode your characters (don't need to hurry the event will last long) you could try to get a very good companion for Palpa^ (and one of my favourite Farmable companions in general) is the Tronic Gal companion that you can get from the quest in the Arena "Aracnobot's tale". Click on the spoiler to see a very fast guide to what you have to do to get that companion:

    This is something you can do after you finish the story and are done leveling and recoding your characters.

    Since you like to play more casually and dont want to farm/ grind a lot dont stress over other endings on the quest (specially endings F and G are really hard to get and the reward isn't very.. useful at the moment, you can always do them in the future if you want) . As long as you get ending D you will be getting the most valious reward of the quest.

    In case you dont want to read a lot here are a few tips of what you have to do to get that companion:

    - Tale 1 --> Kill everything.
    - Tale 2 --> Don't kill brothers (Blue aracnobots) in battle 4.
    - Tale 3 --> Don't kill brothers in battle 1.
    - Tale 4 --> Kill everything.
    - Tale 5 -->
    - First time you clear it you get a forced ending A so just kill everything.
    - To get ending D (the one that rewards the ) do the following:
    1) You must clear Floor 1 in 5 to 7 turns.
    2) You have to kill the Arachnobot in the "bottom-left" corner before it flees (it flees after turn 1). Then kill the rest of the enemies relatively fast (You shouldn't receive more than 30k damage from enemies)

    If you do it properly you will get:
    Tronic Gal companion

    For a whole explanation and guides about the event check this thread Fujisaka's Quest - Arachnobot's Tale

    - Try to get the characters Odin/Bahamut/Leviathan from their weekly events in Arena, once you have leveled your team they should be easy to get. Since you have Amerpact it should be easy for you to get Bahamut (will be in the Arena in a couple of days) just use the "Main team" I already recommended you. Be sure to put Capsules in Amerpact and to stack them. Next week you can try to get Odin too (Grace^ will help you with that).

    Don't worry about Leviathan yet since she is in the currently rotation so you have more than 2 weeks until she comes back. For her you could use Bahamut + 1 character with levitation + Amerpact (she has a barrier that needs to be broken with ice attacks)

    - If you feel you want some extra healing in your team you can get a couple of Healing Rods by cooping Phoenix Eidolon once is back in the Arena.

    - Other thing you could think to do after you are done with those is completing the Coins Pacts, that will give you a few new characters that are pretty good. If you are interested in a full explanation about Coins Pacts and why are great to be completed please read the following guide. Completing them involves a lot of coins grinding so if you dont want to grind a lot you can skip them or try to do it with a slow/casual pace.
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    Up until chapter 30 you can use whatever you want, but later on what you want is a specific team for a specific battle. There isn't a "one party fits all".

    Here's a general advice anyway.
    For the characters, here are my reviews:
    • Grace - Mid-tier, okay bow character that kind off falls in usefulness later on. Can be recoded to the 3rd or 4th best Bow unit in the game.
    • Bahl - High tier. She has Physical Damage x1.5 skill, which when fully stacked makes her one of the best physical unit in the game. Her recode is the best physical unit in the game. Definitely use her as much as possible.
    • Zerro - High tier. Formerly one of the best mages, and still very strong nowadays. Her recode is same, but even better. She (along with Lewto, Piz'fer and Jennish) can cover almost the entire screen.
    • A'merpact - High tier. Very good Ice damage for an A Rank. Recoded form is the most damaging Ice mage (but not much AoE).
    • A'misandra and Amina. Both are high tier, and also extrenely similar. Amina is better at general healing, but A'misandra has more niches. Just pick one. Personally I prefer Amina.
    • Czekras - Mid-tier. I never owned him so I don't know how useful he is. Seeing as he's the Ice version of Koko/Samatha I figured he shouldn't be that bad. The lack of recodes hurt him, though.
    • Lucia - Mid-tier. One of the few non-element mages, with a good selection of skills. Unfortunately her low stats mean she doesn't do much damage. She's good if you don't have much mages. She's basically free though.
    • Palpa - Mid-tier. Her base form is a weak support unit whose only remarkable skill is CT+2. Once recoded, though, she's one of the few characters with Augment skills, which you need to beat certain endgame bosses.
    • Ka'pori - Low-tier. He's useful for his Augment Circle skill. If you're facing a Bow stage, bring him along a Sword team, and you'll demolish them. Not useful anywhere else though.
    • Korin - Low-tier. A supporr unit that makes your Sword team very durable. He can also boost frequency for low SB units. Has a recode, but not much improvement, really.
    • Burbaba - Very low tier. A counter unit in a game where counters are useless. Has a recode, which improves his damage to a decent level, but still not that good.
    • Nakupi, Samupi - Support units for mages without actually being mages themselves. So, yeah, they don't know what they really want to be. Nakupi has a recode, but not much point to it.
    You definitely want to recode everyone eventually, since not only it gives you better characters, they also get a big boost in SB and Luck. It's recommended to finish the Coin Pacts first before recoding, since the SB and Luck boost come from the monsters.

    At your point, no need to worry about Companions yet. It is recommended to obtain the companions Skullsplitters and Bewitching Bow. You can evolve them from Stalwart Sword and Killer Bow respectively. Do not evolve them further.

    For Trading Post, good Companios to get are Panda, Staff of Apollo/Poseidon/Zeus/Chaos, Excalibur/Gungnir/Apollo (the Companion, not items), and any Hourglass items. Most O companions are useless, but you should try to get the Kinetic Trap or Luck ones.

    Always get Fellowship Tickets if you want to finish the Coin pacts. Metal Tickets, too. And in the rare case of Companion Tickets, always get them. Spend leftovers on items you lack and MM^^. Don't trade the non-Animata items, the costs are too high.
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    Aug 8, 2017
    Greetings Rydia & TrueShadow,

    Thanks a lot for your answers. I've updated my post consequently to yours, Ashel's and Pizza's kind advices.

    I was sitting on 460 Animata Hair, so I could only buy a Bow. What's the best way to farm currencies for the Trading Post?

    Given that clearing Pacts takes quite a bit of time and I may just switch to Terra Battle 2 (and clear its pacts) when it comes out, I'll just focus on a few characters on TB1 and make the most of it.

    Big hugs. ♥
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    We don't know yet if TB2 pacts will be clearable. For the animata items, do the kinos and 8bit in the arena.
  6. Fafnir

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    Aug 8, 2017
    True. But I'll grind that game over TB1 and that will be before I complete even the coin pacts.

    Thanks! They look funny... and they are surprisingly tanky.

    Best regards.
  7. TrueShadow

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    Try to farm Mechanic Kino as much as possible. It's the easiest out of all Strikebacks.

    - All 8bits (mainly because of the traps)
    - Kraken Kino
    - Bahamut, Leviathan, Odin Kino

    - Tiamat Kino
    - Slugosaur Kino
    - Lich Kino

    - Mechanic Kino
    - Marilith Kino
    - Spinetrich Kino
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    Apr 1, 2016
    They are quite tanky indeed, and at the beginning some were simply as hard as an endboss (with traps and all). MW nerfed them hard a while ago . If you cant kill the level 3 try farming level 2 or wait the rotation for a kino that your team can defeat.
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    Aug 8, 2017
    Thanks a lot! I apologize for the delayed answer, I simply spent all my TBF time on the chat...

    Right now I leveled up a bit, so I can do the easiest ones, though I'm doing more co-ops these days.

    With in mind to recode Zerro, Amina and Bahl, I need:

    - lvling them to 80 each job
    - Ether, Elixir & Blackhole
    - Dark Petrifier, Mediscanner, 8-bit Hiso Alien & Snaptrap
    - lvl up all those to 50
    - Mantle Helices

    My plans for now are:
    - rush storyline to chapter 35
    - use Metal Zone Tickets I've hoarded to lvl fast
    - make some Kino to buy Ether, Elixir & Blackhole
    - farm Helices in 34

    Is it the right way or do you think I should do another way?
  10. LegendaryFrog

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    Nov 5, 2015
    For Ethers, Elixers and Blackholes you can also request Co-op on days when the chapters that drop those are at double the normal rate (DDD we often refer to it as). This week Black Hole is in the TP, but there's no way to know if Ether/Elixer will be there next week. No point waiting a few weeks for them to show up.

    If you're going to run MZ7 for leveling you'll also want to recode Leviathon^ to make each run easier and more efficient unless you have a Dragon's Fan, Dragon or A'merpact with A'merpact O. They're not required, but it makes the runs much easier.

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