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    This guide is still a WIP - Zmey is still very new, and is far more complicated than Leviathan. There's still a lot about the boss to learn, and I expect this guide will change quite a lot over the next week. If something I have here is wrong, you have extra information, or tips/tricks to share, leave a reply!

    Boss Abilities:

    Pitfall: This is Zmey's signature ability. When he uses it, he'll spawn several holes around the field, that last for 1 turn. If one of your units moves into a hole, it will be swallowed up, and you will lose that unit for 2 turns. If you were moving with that unit, your turn immediately ends.

    Characters that are levitating can move over pitfalls without any adverse effect, allowing you to completely ignore them.

    Trample: Deals physical damage to 2 units, with an almost-guaranteed chance to also paralyze them for 2 turns.

    Rock Drop:
    Deals Earth damage to all characters, used the turn after pitfall

    Tremor: Deals Physical damage to all characters, used the turn after pitfall. Levitating units do not take damage.

    Fissure: Deals LUDICROUSLY HUGE Physical damage to all characters, used the turn after pitfall...sometimes. Levitating units do not take damage.

    I'm not entirely clear on what exactly causes the boss to use Fissure instead of Tremor, however my belief is that he only uses it if you don't pincer the boss after he's used Pitfall. If anyone else has a better understanding of how this works, please leave a reply either affirming this is correct, or how you believe it works!

    Transform: When the boss loses ~40% of its health, it will transform into a new form. This new form has increased stats, and levitates.

    Flap Wings/Ground Pound: The boss will only use this ability once - the turn after it transforms. It does earth damage to all units in the same row or column as the boss.

    The boss also occasionally summons trash mobs to help. I have no idea what they do as they always immediately died to aoe.


    The key to this fight is being able to continue pincering the boss after it uses pitfall, regardless of where those pitfalls end up being. Since they are completely random, the only way to ensure you can always pincer the boss is to use a character with levitate. However, keep in mind, key characters (such as your healer or levitate-er) can randomly get paralyzed by Trample, making this fight quite difficult.

    Very Useful Skills:

    Levitate: (Surge-L RNA and Xena-RNA)

    Levitate is almost mandatory to be able to consistently do this fight without the possibility of getting randomly screwed by unlucky Pitfall placements. Furthermore, it makes your characters completely immune to tremor/fissure. If you're using a character with Levitate (Chain), you need to alternate using levitate on half of your party each turn to keep it always up on everyone (However, if your levitate character gets paralyzed, it's impossible to have every single unit levitating when the boss uses these tremor/fissure).

    Xena-RNA, however, has Levitate (All). This will allow you to always have levitate up, even if she gets paralyzed by Trample.

    Slightly Useful Skills:


    Being able to move through the boss will allow you to continue get pincers in situations where the position of Pitfalls/trash mobs would otherwise prevent you from pincering. If you can't bring Levitate, Stealth is almost mandatory

    Paralyze resist/cure skills:

    These seem like they would be useful, in theory, allowing you to cure paralyzed units, eliminating the fear of having your levitate or Capsule unit paralyzed when you really need them. However, I don't have characters with these skills leveled up to try out, and don't know if there's room to fit them into a team (unless your healer also has these skills).

    Earth Capsules:

    Bringing an earth capsule user will effectively make you completely immune to all the earth damage the boss does. As you can imagine, this is quite strong, but bringing this costs a party slot solely for this purpose, as the only guardians with Earth Capsules are fire element, which does virtually no damage to the boss.

    Furthermore, the boss's earth damage attacks either do not do enough damage to be lethal, or can be easily avoided. As such, earth capsules aren't necessary, and you'd probably be better off just bringing more DPS.

    Party Composition:

    Don't bring phys damagers - The boss has incredibly high PDEF, and even Lyon won't do much damage

    Ice Mages are kings of DPS - bring as many as you can fit in.

    You can get Anti-Earth Charms at the Un-store. If you're not bringing an Earth capsule user, you can equip 4 of these on all of your characters to reduce the earth damage they take.

    Remember that if you don't have Levitate or Earth Capsules yourself, you can get a friend that does! Ideally, if you don't have Xena-RNA yourself, you'll want to bring a lvl90 Xena-RNA from your friends list, as she has both Levitate(All) AND Treasure Hunter.


    Recommended Strategy:
    Levitate (All) + DPS

    Using Xena-RNA trivializes most of the mechanics of the fight. If you intend to farm this fight, I recommend only using this strategy, as anything else is either too time-consuming or can lead to RNG losses. If you do not have Xena-RNA (which I do not!), simply make it a priority to add players to your friends list that DO have it. And if you do, help us out, and set her as your friend guardian!

    An ideal party would look something like this:
    1 Xena-RNA (For Levitate-All and TH)
    1 Healer
    4 Ice Mage Damage-Dealers

    Earth Capsule + Levitate

    This strategy is ultra-defensive. The Earth Capsules will allow you to be completely immune to the earth damage, and Levitate will make you immune to Tremor/Fissure while also allowing you to move over pitfalls. The only way to lose with this setup is to have your levitate unit paralyzed, then have units die to fissure as a result of being unable to maintain levitate on every unit.

    An ideal party would look something like this:
    1 Levitate(Chain) Guardian
    1 Earth Capsule Guardian
    1 Healer
    3 Ice Mage Damage-Dealers


    Zmey on Hard has unique drops - an A rank Leather jacket and an A rank Mythril Shield. So you're going to want to farm Zmey Hard a bunch to get enough of these for each character, fully limit broken! Also, almost every kill on Hard has given me the Zmey guardian as a drop, so the droprate is very high, even without negotiator.
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    The paralyze only lasts for 2 turns (guide says 3)
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    Beat him with 4 members +1 friend, I have not completed chapter 5 yet.

    Xena friend with levitation is the key of success.

    2 Levi as main DPS, 1 King Orbling as healer, 1 Djagos with negotiator pro but die half way.
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    I share you and everyone here this board i found on twitter hashtag easy to understand than Gooch 's board on mist boardcast and In game Tips,maybe it will be useful your future post and everyone here
    Blue arrow With 2 heads mean same element attack to same element are halve damage,
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    Here’s a vid of taking down Zmey hard, you see how easy it is with levitate, even with my mistakes

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    Does someone have some maxed Golden Shield and / or Leather Jacket and would be kind enough to share the stats with us ?

    I begin to wonder if the rewards of the hard fight are worth the time I needs to clear it since the lvl 1 stats of the magician's grab are better than the leather jacket...

    Edit :
    Thanks to discord users @Jirokichi and @Megas we know that at lvl 70 the jacket has +20HP and -5MDEF compared to the grab. So the grab is better. The gold shield has better base stats but I'm still looking for max stats for the shields.

    2nd edit :
    Max Gold Shield stats :
    HP 170 / MP 25 / DEF 20 / MDEF 10
    Max Mythril Shield stats :
    HP 140 / MP 20 / DEF 15 / MDEF 5
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